Clinical Biofeedback Certification

New in 2015

As with any valid certification program, BCIA periodically reviews all parts of a certification starting with the blueprint.  BCIA updated and adopted a new blueprint in 2015. While this new blueprint is not currently being used by every accredited training program, they will soon be updating their teaching materials.  The revised exam will take into consideration that test takers may have taken training based on either the new blueprint or the previous version.

2015 Revised Blueprint

Clinical Entry Level Certification

Clinical Entry Level Certification (ELC) is designed for the professional who can document a minimum of a BA/BS in a health care field and who has less than 5 years of experience using biofeedback with patients/clients.

Certification by Prior Experience

Clinical Certification by Prior Experience (CPE) is designed for the licensed health care professional who can document extensive education, training, and at least 5 years of clinical experience using biofeedback with patients/clients.

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