Overview of Academic Biofeedback Certification by Prior Experience


To qualify for certification by prior experience (CPE), you must meet or exceed all four of the requirements below:

General Education

You have earned a master's-level or higher degree in any field.

Didactic Training

You have learned the theory and practice of biofeedback through one or a combination of the criteria below:

  • 48 hours of Blueprint-specific didactic training in biofeedback through workshops or seminars (the equivalent of a basic Blueprint-specific didactic course for traditional biofeedback certification).
  • a minimum of 16 hours of formal one-on-one professional didactic training, covering Blueprint-specific learning objectives, with an instructor who meets qualifications as a BCIA-approved mentor or accredited training provider. This requirement must be documented with a letter of attestation from the instructor.

Mentoring for Skill Development

You have spent a minimum of 10 contact hours with a BCIA-approved mentor to learn basic equipment function, placements, and personal self-regulation skills.


You have a minimum of 3,000 hours of relevant experience with biofeedback-related instruction and/or research over at least five years. It is required that the majority of this work be done within the past 10 years. You may use the following guide to total your hours.

University Instruction
Four total hours for each classroom instruction hour (demonstrated by roster or other teaching assignment documentation)

Accredited Workshops and Conference Presentations
Four total hours for each presentation hour. Course content must be Blueprint-specific, excluding commercial courses that are based on specific equipment sales. Only 1,000 hours of equipment workshops may count towards this total. Workshops must be varied in nature. All work must be Blueprint-specific.

- Book authored: 500 hours (demonstrated by publication)
- Book edited: 300 hours (demonstrated by publication)
- Book chapter: 100 hours (demonstrated by publication)
- Peer-Reviewed Journal article writing: 40 hours as first author
                                                               20 hours as second author
                                                               10 hours as third author
                                                               5 hours as fourth or higher author (demonstrated by published 
                                                               article and citation)
- Research design: 10 hours (demonstrated by the published article and citation OR grant submission)
- Research supervision: 1/4 hour per RA hour (demonstrated by published article and citation OR student roster)
- Dissertation on relevant topic: 200 hours (demonstrated by published dissertation and citation)
- Dissertation Committee on relevant topic: 50 hours (demonstrated by student dissertation publication OR student roster)

Validation Exam

Upon approval of your application, you will have 1 year to make arrangements to take the written exam to be used for validation purposes. You may take the exam at any of the scheduled exam sites or may use the special exam option of an outside university or public library proctor for $100 for the paper/pencil or $25 for the online exam option. We are using your expertise to validate current and new exam items.

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