Application for Academic Biofeedback Certification by Prior Experience in Biofeedback

BCIA Policies and Procedures

General Information

Academic certification by prior experience in biofeedback is awarded upon successful completion of the following requirements:

  • Submission of the BCIA application and providing the necessary documentation.
  • Meeting all education/training requirements as outlined in this document.
  • Passing of the written examination.
  • Payment of all fees.

Specific Instructions for Completing the Application

Please provide all information as completely as possible. Remember to use the same address on all correspondence.

Provide a signature or separate letter for Items 1 through 6 on the application and enclose the necessary documentation. Clearly reference all documentation submitted by numbering each document accordingly.

An underlined segment denotes special instructions for completing that particular portion of the application.

Item 1: Current CV or Resume (Professional Career/Employment History)

The CV or Resume should provide a detailed list of your entire occupational history, giving the Board a comprehensive overview of your professional experience.

Item 2: Education - Highest Degree

A master's degree or higher "degree conferred" from a regionally-accredited academic institution in a BCIA-approved health care field is required. Licensed RNs are accepted with an A.A. degree. BCIA-approved health care fields include: psychology, nursing (including two-year registered nurses with license, not LVNs or LPNs), physical therapy, respiratory therapy, occupational therapy, social work, counseling, rehabilitation, chiropractic, recreational therapy, dental hygiene, physician’s assistant (with certification or license), exercise physiology, speech pathology, and sports medicine. The following fields require a master's degree: music therapy and counseling education (M.Ed. in counseling). Appropriately-credentialed doctors of medicine and dentistry are also accepted. Credentialed special education teachers and counselors may become certified to work in school environments. Degrees in health care fields other than those listed above must be submitted to the Special Review Committee.

BCIA does not grant waivers but rather looks for equivalencies. If you have a degree in a health care field other than something listed in our requirements, you may file for a special review for degree equivalency. Please refer to the document entitled Special Review. It is up to you to select a BCIA-approved health care field and demonstrate to the review committee how you believe your course work is equivalent. Degrees earned outside of the United States will be accepted only if the documents have been translated and evaluated by an agency accredited by the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES).

Enter the educational institution, degree, date awarded, and BCIA-approved health care field for the highest degree received in a BCIA health care field. Please request the institution send a sealed official copy of a transcript showing your highest degree directly to BCIA.

Item 3: Didactic Education

Check all that apply and provide proper documentation detailing your completion of this requirement.

Item 4: Mentoring for Skill Development

A minimum of 10 contact hours with a BCIA-approved mentor to learn and reinforce the basics of biofeedback is required for certification. For more information on mentoring, refer to the Mentoring Guidelines. BCIA also provides a list of able mentors with our Find a Mentor service.

Item 5: Statement of Clinical Practice - 3,000 Patient/Client Hours of Relevant Experience

A minimum of 3,000 hours is required over at least five years, and a majority of these hours must be from the past ten years. Highlight this work on your CV or resume and provide a written statement of clinical practice documenting these hours.

Item 6: Human Anatomy/Physiology, Human Biology, Neuroanatomy Coursework

Please check all options that apply to you and provide documentation of their completion. If you check "Significant Independent Reading and Study," be sure to provide a detailed explanation of your work.


Without your signature, the application is invalid.

Further Information on the BCIA Program

Written Examination

Successful completion is required. The examination is offered in English only and is based on the Blueprint of Knowledge statements. These statements incorporate the basic principles of biofeedback in the blueprint areas that a candidate should know and are included as part of the application packet.

Written examinations are offered in the spring in conjunction with the AAPB Annual Meeting, in the fall at ISNR, and at other locations throughout the year. The three-hour examination consists of multiple-choice items. A passing score is determined by the Board.

Any concern which occurs during the written examination must be brought to the attention of the proctor immediately. Any issue not brought to the attention of the proctor should be reported in writing to BCIA within three days of the examination. Failure to do so may result in BCIA declining to take the issue into consideration.

If the candidate feels that an error was made in the scoring of the written examination, he/she may request a rescoring of the examination. This request must be in writing and accompanied by a rescoring fee of $50.

  • Seating for the Exam - Approved applicants must have filed a signed application, provided proof of their health care degree, and submitted the $400 certification fees. Individuals currently certified in Biofeedback pay a certification fee of $195.
  • Special Exams - BCIA policies allow qualified applicants to take exams locally at a time and place that is convenient. Written exams may be taken at a college or university testing center or through a proctoring service. Fees charged by the testing facility are the obligation of the applicant. The Request for Special Written Exams must be received two weeks prior to the requested seating. The fee for the special exam is $100 for the paper/pencil version or $50 for the online version in addition to the certification fees. Please submit an exam registration form with all necessary information completed.
  • Cancellation - If an examination is cancelled by the applicant, written notification must be received at least 14 days prior to the exam date or a cancellation fee of $50 will apply.
  • Examination Ethics Policy - Examination questions, answers, and procedures are proprietary and confidential. Candidates must agree not to disclose or discuss examination contents with anyone unless authorized in writing by the BCIA Board of Directors. Failure to comply with this regulation is a violation of BCIA ethics.
  • Notification of Results - Candidates are notified of exam results in writing within six weeks of testing. Results are not available by phone or e-mail. BCIA does not release examination results to third parties.

Time Frame for Completing Certification Requirements

Once accepted, the application is valid for two years. If certification is not completed during that period, the candidate may request a two-year extension with payment of an application revalidation fee of $100.

Withdrawal and Reapplication

  • In the event a candidate withdraws an application after submission and payment of fees, BCIA, upon written request, will refund the fees less an administrative fee of $75.
  • In the event that BCIA determines that the candidate has not met the education/training requirements, the application may be returned less the $75 administrative fee.
  • If an application has been withdrawn, the individual may reapply by submitting a new application, meeting current requirements, and paying applicable fees.

Verification of Information

All information submitted by the applicant is subject to verification. Falsification of information by a candidate is grounds for automatic rejection of the application, forfeiture of all fees, and denial of future applications for certification.


Recertification is obtained by

  • passing the written examination OR
  • by self-attestation of 55 hours of accredited continuing education, including 3 hours of professional standards or ethics as specified by BCIA during the fourth year of certification, and payment of a recertification fee of $225.

Ten percent of all recertification applications are audited. In this event, BCIA will request documentation of the continuing education. Recertification applications are available in the Certificants area of the website. Recertification notification is sent to all certificants during their last year of certification. Successful candidates for recertification are issued new certificates valid January 1 until December 31 four years later, thereby maintaining continuity of certification.


Review within BCIA will be the final determination of all matters arising between the candidate and BCIA. However, if you believe grounds exist that would permit a court to overturn or modify BCIA’s action, you may seek redress only through arbitration in Denver, CO. We suggest that you consult an attorney before invoking the arbitration procedure.

The applicant shall be liable for the cost of any arbitration or court proceedings, including reasonable attorney fees that are expended by BCIA in the defense of any proceedings brought by the applicant where the applicant does or does not prevail.

Certification Policies

BCIA policies/guidelines, fees, and deadlines are subject to change without notice. BCIA has the prerogative to establish and reverse policies and procedures, including fees and dates for certification and recertification, as deemed appropriate without notice. It is the candidate’s responsibility to stay current on any changes by maintaining regular contact with the BCIA Office.


Fees may be paid in US funds by check, money order, or credit card. In order to protect you, please submit credit card information on a separate paper or you may call us and provide the information by phone.

Certification Fees

Filing Fees = $175 to file an application, valid for 2 years.
Certification Fees = $245 covering one scheduled seating of the written certification exam ($45 for individuals currently certified in neurofeedback)
Application Withdrawal Fee = $75
Revalidation Fee = $100
Recertification Fee = $225
Replacement or Duplicate Certificate Fee = $25

Exam Fees

Exam Cancellation Fee = $50
Exam Retake Fee = $100
Exam Re-scoring Fee = $50
Special Exam Fee = $100 for paper pencil or $50 for the online version

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