Information and Fee Schedule


Further Information on the BCIA Program

Time Frame for Completing Certification Requirements

Once accepted, the application is valid for two years. If biofeedback technician certification is not completed during that period, the candidate may request a two-year extension with payment of an application revalidation fee of $100.

Withdrawal and Reapplication

  • In the event a candidate withdraws an application after submission and payment of fees, BCIA, upon written request, will refund the fees less an administrative fee of $75.
  • In the event that BCIA determines that the candidate has not met the education/training requirements, the application may be returned less the $75 administrative fee.
  • If an application has been withdrawn, the individual may reapply by submitting a new application, meeting current requirements and paying applicable fees.

Verification of Information

All information submitted by the applicant is subject to verification. Falsification of information by a candidate is grounds for automatic rejection of the application, forfeiture of all fees, and denial of future applications for certification.


Recertification is obtained by:

  • passing the written examination OR
  • by self-attestation of 30 hours of accredited continuing education, including 3 hours of professional standards or ethics, as specified by BCIA during the fourth year of certification, and payment of a recertification fee of $225.

Ten percent of all recertification applications are audited. In this event, BCIA will request documentation of the continuing education. Recertification applications are available in the Certificants area of the website. Recertification notification is sent to all certificants during their last year of certification. Successful candidates for recertification are issued new certificates valid January 1 until December 31 four years later, thereby maintaining continuity of certification.


Review within BCIA will be the final determination of all matters arising between the candidate and BCIA. However, if you believe grounds exist that would permit a court to overturn or modify BCIA’s action, you may seek redress only through arbitration in Denver, CO. We suggest that you consult an attorney before invoking the arbitration procedure.

The applicant shall be liable for the cost of any arbitration or court proceedings, including reasonable attorney fees, that are expended by BCIA in the defense of any proceedings brought by the applicant where the applicant does or does not prevail.

Certification Policies

BCIA policies/guidelines, fees, and deadlines are subject to change without notice. BCIA has the prerogative to establish and reverse policies and procedures, including fees and dates for certification and recertification as deemed appropriate without notice. It is the candidate’s responsibility to stay current on any changes by maintaining regular contact with the BCIA Office.


Fees may be paid in US funds by check, money order, or credit card. In order to protect your account, please submit credit card information on a separate paper, you may call us and provide the information by phone or through the secure online process.

Application Fees

Filing Fees = $125 to file an application, valid for 2 years ($25 if the applicant is enrolled in an advanced degree-granting program in a BCIA approved health area field at a regionally-accredited university)
Certification Fees = $275 which covers one scheduled seating of the written certification exam ($70 for individuals currently certified in neurofeedback)
Application Withdrawal Fee = $75
Revalidation Fee = $100
Recertification Fee = $225
Replacement or Duplicate Certificate Fee = $25

Exam Fees

Exam Cancellation Fee = $50
Exam Retake Fee = $100
Exam Re-scoring Fee = $50
Special Exam Fee = $100 for paper pencil or $50 for the online version

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