Application Instructions for Academic Entry-Level Neurofeedback Certification

BCIA Policies and Procedures

General Information

Academic certification in neurofeedback is awarded upon successful completion of the following requirements:

  • Submission of the BCIA neurofeedback certification application and providing the necessary documentation.
  • Meeting all education/training requirements as outlined in this document.
  • Passing the written examination.
  • Payment of all fees.

You may practice independently with a state license/credential in a BCIA-approved health care area. If you do not carry such license/credential, you must work under supervision if working with a medical or psychological diagnosis.

Specific Instructions for Completing the Application

Please provide all information as completely as possible. Remember to use the same address on all correspondence.

The following describes the Education/Training Requirements for certification. Provide a signature or separate letter for Items 1 through 5 on the application and enclose the necessary documentation. Clearly reference all documentation submitted by numbering each document accordingly.

An underlined segment denotes special instructions for completing that particular portion of the application.

Item 1: Education - Highest Degree

Enter the educational institution, degree (MA/MS or higher), and date awarded. Please request the institution send a sealed official copy of a transcript showing your highest degree directly to BCIA.

Item 2: Human Anatomy/Physiology or Human Biology Coursework

Please mark all related experience. If you check "Other Courses" or "Significant Independent Reading and Study," be sure to provide a detailed explanation. This coursework should be documented by your transcripts.

Item 3: Didactic Biofeedback Education - 36 Hours

Didactic education is outlined in detail in the Blueprint of Knowledge statement.

Submit one of the following:

  • Transcripts from an accredited college or university with didactic biofeedback courses clearly marked. In addition, a separate and signed document must be submitted from the institution or department to verify the didactic training for each Blueprint area and the hours taught.
  • Certificate(s) of attendance from a BCIA-accredited training program that verify the didactic training for each Blueprint area and the hours taught.

Item 4: Practical Neurofeedback Training and Mentoring - 10 Hours

Applicants must spend at least 10 contact hours with a BCIA-approved mentor. During these hours, applicants should learn about the operation of basic equipment, proper electrode placement, and personal self-regulation. Approved mentors can be located through BCIA's Find a Mentor service.

Provide your BCIA-approved mentor’s signature on the application or in a separate letter specifying that you completed the requirements for academic training as outlined.


Without your signature, the application is invalid.

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