Application Instructions for Technician Entry-Level Neurofeedback Certification

BCIA Policies and Procedures

General Information

Technician-Level Board Certification in neurofeedback is awarded upon successful completion of the following requirements:

  • Submission of the BCIA neurofeedback certification application and providing the necessary documentation.
  • Meeting all education/training requirements as outlined in this document.
  • Passing the written examination.
  • Payment of all fees.

You must work under appropriate supervision when working with a medical or psychological diagnosis.

Specific Instructions for Completing the Application

Please provide all information as completely as possible. Remember to use the same address on all correspondence.

An underlined segment denotes special instructions for completing that particular portion of the application.

Education - Highest Degree

No formal education is required, but please provide information regarding the highest degree you have completed.

Supervisor’s License/Credential for Independent Practice

You are required to work under the supervision of an appropriately credentialed health care professional who is currently a BCN. This credential in a BCIA-approved health care field must be issued or recognized by the state of practice. This section applies to your supervisor of record. Should your work supervisor change, please notify BCIA immediately. Please include a copy of this license.

Item 1: Didactic Biofeedback Education - 36 Hours

Didactic education is outlined in detail in the Blueprint of Knowledge statement.

Documentation will be accepted in the following formats: transcript from an accredited academic institution with didactic neurofeedback courses clearly marked or a certificate or letter of satisfactory completion from a BCIA-accredited training program listing the number of hours completed in each blueprint area.

Item 2: Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, or Human Biology Course

Applicants for Technician-Level Certification may satisfy the anatomy and physiology requirement by

  • completing a college-level anatomy and physiology course OR
  • by reading an undergraduate human anatomy and physiology text or Barron’s Anatomy and Physiology The Easy Way (2nd ed.) and then successfully completing the online Technician Anatomy and Physiology exam for an additional fee.

BCIA has two other options for completing this requirement:

  • BCIA Study on Your Own option - **this option has ben retired; however if you have started it, we will help and allow you to finish this option.
  • Behavioral Medicine Research and Training Foundation

Please refer to the appropriate area of the website to read about these options in more detail.

Item 3: Internship with a BCIA-Approved Mentor: Practical Neurofeedback Training - 10 Contact Hours

In most cases, the mentor and the legal supervisor will be the same person.  The mentor must work with the candidate for 10 contact hours to review 20 patient sessions and to learn basic equipment, electrode placements, and personal self-regulation skills  using neurofeedback.  This is only a minimum requirement.  It is expected that the supervisor will continue to provide ongoing educational and training support, clearly defining the roles and responsibilities for the technician.

Item 4: Written Exam

When you have been notified that your application has been accepted, you may make plans to take your written exam either at a scheduled exam site or by using the special exam option.


Without your signature, the application is invalid.

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