Practical Skills List


  • Explain the EEG and neurofeedback to a client.
  • Explain skin preparation and electrode placement to a client, and obtain permission to monitor him or her.
  • Identify the major sites of the 10-20 system using a tape measure and marking pencil.
  • Demonstrate skin preparation and electrode placement for scalp and earlobe sites.
  • Explain how to protect the client from infection transmitted by the sensor.
  • Measure electrode impedance for each active-ground electrode pair and ensure that impedance is sufficiently low and balanced.
  • Record the values of the training parameters at the sites where training is completed to be available to the mentor upon request and during consultations.
  • Identify common artifacts in the raw EEG signal, including 50/60Hz, bridging, drowsiness, ECG, electrode pop, electrostatic, eye blink, eye flutter, eye movements, EMG, EOG, evoked potential, loose electrode, movement, radio frequency, respiration, sweat, and tongue swallowing, and explain how to control for them and remove them from the raw data.
  • Demonstrate how to instruct a client to utilize a feedback display.
  • Demonstrate a neurofeedback training session, including record keeping, goal setting, site selection, monitored frequency bands, baseline measurement, display and threshold setting, coaching, and debriefing at the end of the session.
  • Demonstrate how to select and assign a practice assignment based on training session results.
  • Evaluate and summarize client progress during a training session.
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