International Including Canada BCIA-Accredited Didactic Programs

The following programs are accredited to provide 36 hours of education to fulfill the didactic requirement toward BCIA Certification.

Many of the training programs listed below are accredited by a national professional organization such as the APA. Please visit with each provider to see what accreditations each program carries if this is important to you when making your course selection.

You are required to submit a program evaluation within 30 days of the completion of the course in order to get didactic credit toward certification. All information will be summarized and shared with the specific training provider with no link to a specific person.



Institute for Applied Neuroscience
Please use this link for class information.
Please contact them for 2015 schedule.



Stress Therapy Solutions
(216) 766-5707
Leonardo Mascaro, PhD, Psy, BCN


ADD Centres, Ltd.
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Lynda Thompson,  PhD, BCN & Dr. Michael Thompson
(905) 803-8066
May 25 - 29, 2015

PsychoNeuro Institute
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
(514) 667-0198
Vincent Paquette

StressTherapy Solutions, Inc.
(216) 766-5707
Victoria Wasserman, RN, BCN


Stress Therapy Solutions
(216) 766-5707
Dr. Lesley Parkinson, Psychologist, BCN


Stress Therapy Solutions
(216) 766-5707
Thomas Feiner, BCN
Doerte Klein, Dipl-Psych/PP, KJP, BCN

Hong Kong

Brain Science International
January 29 - February 1
Click here for more information.


Institute for Applied Neuroscience
Please use this link for class information.
Please email for more information.


Stress Therapy Solutions
(216) 766-5707
Adrian Roel, BCN
Dolores Gaxiola, MD, BCN


Brainclinics Education
Nijmegen, The Netherlands
*All courses are taught in English
October 14-17, 2014

EEG Professionals
Eindhoven, The Netherlands
+31402960838 or +31402963113
This course also includes completion of the human anatomy/physiology requirement for certification.

South Africa

Hannelie Kemp
Neuro Stimulation Centre
Trading as: Hearing & Learning Centre
+27 44 382 1168

Stress Therapy Solutions
(216) 766-5707
McGill Scott, PhD, PSY, BCN


Stress Therapy Solutions
(216) 766-5707
Thomas Feiner, BCN

BCIA accredits education/training programs that meet our rigorous standards. Each provider is responsible for maintaining their own program. For more information, contact each company for specific details. For questions relating to certification, contact BCIA directly.

Should you wish to take online courses so that you can access top notch training wherever you work and practice, please visit the list of distance education training programs.

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