2017 International Trainings and Seminars

2017 International Meetings and Educational Seminars

March 31 - When Senses are too Sensitive; Biofeedback Treatment of Hyperexcitability
1-day workshop offeed by drs. Danielle Matto, psychologist, BCB

Hyperexcitability, an excessive reaction to stimuli, can occur in patients with stress, anxiety, trauma and SPS (Sensory Processing Sensitivity), formerly called High Sensitivity.  With biofeedback training it is possible to calm the autonomic nervous system. Suitable biofeedback protocols are skin conductance down training and heart coherence training. Additional techniques include bio-energetic exercises for protection against stimuli overload and Audio Visual Entrainment to calm the brain. This workshop gives you an understanding of the psychophysiological phenomena underlying hyperexcitability and the treatment possibilities.  Register now!

The Biofeedback Federation of Europe - April 24 - 29 in Aviero, Portugal
The Biofeedback Federation of Europe will hold their 19th Annual Conference.  Register now!
The list of presenters includes Lynda and Michael Thompson, Leah Lagos, Inna Khazan, Fred Shaffer, Don Moss, David Arroyo, and so many more!  There will be 3 BCIA programs including:  a 5-day Neurofeedback, a 5-day Biofeedback, and a 2-day HRV.  Visit this link often to see as the program continues to grow.  Early registration  fees are available and as well, there will be a discount for BCIA certificants!

The 2017 ANSA National Conference will be held August 25-29 in Canberra, Australia
Biofeedback for the Mind and Body:  windows for regulation
Neurofeedback researchers and practitioners, and other professionals interested in applied neuroscience, are cordially invited to the annual workshops and conference of the Applied Neuroscience Society of Australasia.  Speakers include Dirk de Ridder, Jay Gunkelman and Fred Shaffer.
August 27 - BCIA Certification exam will be offered.  Please email interest to michelle@msmh.com.au.
Stay tuned - we'll post more information as it becomes available!

June 16 - 18, 2017 - BtL Workshops will host Sebern Fisher, author of the praised book “Neurofeedback in the Treatment of Developmental Trauma: Calming the Fear-Driven Brain”, who will introduce the Italian attendees to the practice of Neurofeedback and will add her experience in treating clients with developmental trauma. The event will also include a supervision day coordinated by the A.R.P. Milano Scientific Committee.

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