BCIA certifies individuals who meet education and training standards in biofeedback and progressively recertifies those who advance their knowledge through continuing education.

BCIA is recognized as the certification body for the practice of biofeedback by the Association of Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (AAPB), the Biofeedback Federation of Europe (BFE), and the International Society for Neurofeedback and Research (ISNR).

Multiculturalism and Diversity
BCIA endorses the American Psychological Association “Multicultural Guidelines.” BCIA professionals recognize the importance of multiculturalism and diversity in clinical and optimal performance practice, education, and research, and treat individuals from diverse ethnic, linguistic, racial, sexual orientation, and gender identity backgrounds with appreciation and sensitivity.

Terms of Use and Privacy  Policies

BCIA works to serve the field of applied psychophysiology and biofeedback and most importantly you, our clients, who visit our website, apply for certification and recertification, enroll in continuing education activities, or have expressed interest in our programs.  We wish to fully respect and protect your privacy and security of your contact information.   Please review the following documents:  BCIA Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions of Use, and the Procedures for Requesting Removal of Infringing Material.

Board Certification Areas
BCIA offers Certification in Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, and Pelvic Muscle Dysfunction Biofeedback for health care professionals and a Technician Certification for those who cannot document an education that meets our stated requirements.   Read more...

BCIA Credentials
BCIA has trademarked BCB, BCN, and BCB-PMD for your use where allowed. Read more…

BCIA Professional Standards/Ethical Principles of Biofeedback
This document is designed to be a living document that will serve to guide your decisions and is meant to serve beside the ethical principles of your profession and within the laws of your state that govern health care.  Please revisit this document time to time as it may change with updated information as needed.

BCIA Offers Online Payment Options
Now for your convenience, you may pay your certification or recertification fees online using this link.

BCIA Webinars Did you know we offer 2 different types of webinars?  An offering from the Clinical Update Series is a 90-minute presentation that is based on traditional continuing education and offers information on an advanced topic.  Mentoring webinars are for those who are seeking either certification or recertification.  These webinars are 60-minute presentations and provide 1 contact hour to review 2 case conference presentations.

August 31 - Clinical  Update Series:  Applied HRV Data Interpretation for the Clinician, presented by Jay Ginsberg, PhD.  Level: Advanced - Appropriate for those who are eligible for BCIA Board certification in HRV Biofeedback and who have practiced with HRV in either a clinical or research setting for 3 years or more. Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback (HRVB) empowers clients to improve their emotional self-regulation. HRVB professionals regularly use quantitative and graphic methods of analysis of heart rate to help their clients understand their own physiological status and the relationship between autonomic function and well-being.
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September 21 - Sport Psych Meets Biofeedback:   "Old School" Techniques made Better with Modern HRV, presented by Tim Herzog, MS, EdD, LCPC, CMPC, BCB.

October 5 - How do You Know if it's ADHD? presented by Vince Monastra, PhD, BCN.

October 26 - CPT Codes presented by  Joy Lunt, RN, BCN.  This webinar will count toward the 3 hours of ethics/professional conduct as required for BCIA certification.  More information to come.

Missed a BCIA webinar?  Click here to purchase a recording!

Ongoing Educational Opportunities
Please check with the BCIA-accredited didactic training providers as many provide high quality educational opportunities throughout the year! Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, Pelvic Muscle Dysfunction, and HRV.

ASET – They offer BCIA accredited courses to fulfill our continuing education requirements toward recertification.

AAPB is launching their webinars with a new low price for members - only $50!

July 28 - The Luria Neuroscience Institute will be offering webinars this summer, presented by Elkhonon Goldberg, PhD, ABPPThis webinar is: Traumatic Brain Injury.

September 4 - 9 - The EEG & Clinical Neuroscience Society (ECNS) is having their annual meeting  in Pittsburgh, PA.  ECNS has recently merged with the International Society for Neuroimaging in Psychiatry (ISNIP) and the International Society for Brain Electromagnetic Topography (ISBET). With this merger, the content of the professional meetings and scientific symposia has been broadened to accommodate the interests of psychologists in quantitative EEG and all PhDs interested in EEG and clinical neuroscience.

October 5 - 7 - Northeast Regional Biofeedback Society
2018 Annual Conference in Philadelphia

October 26 - Seminars Without Borders will be offering:  HRV - Applications to Common Medical and Emotional Disorders  in Montreal, presented by Don Moss, PhD, BCB, BCN.  This workshop will include 2 contact hours of mentoring and will cover 4 case studies for those looking for certification in biofeedback and HRV Biofeedback.

November 1 - 4 - Southeast Biofeedback and Clinical Neuroscience Association
The Annual Conference in Atlanta, GA
"Biofeedback and Neurofeedback for Optimal health and Peak Performance"


AAPB-published Digital Books Now Available!

 In an effort to ensure accessibility and affordability for interested parties from around the world, AAPB's top selling texts are now available for purchase in digital form, readable on computers or other electronic devices only. You may continue to order the physical books, or just the digital version, or BOTH! The books now available in digital format are: Evidence-based Practice in Biofeedback & Neurofeedback - 3rd Edition by Gabriel Tan, PhD, BCB, BCN, Fredric Shaffer, PhD, BCB, Randall Lyle, PhD,BCN, and Irene Teo; Foundations of Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback: A Book of Readings by Donald Moss, PhD, BCB, BCN, and Fredric Shaffer, PhD, BCB; and The Neurofeedback Book - 2nd Edition by Michael Thompson, MD and Lynda Thompson, PhD, BCN.  Click here for more information!


ISNR has scheduled webinars for August 24th and September 28th.  Please visit www.isnr.org for more information.

Registration is Open! -- The ISNR 26th Annual Conference will be October 18 - 21, 2018 at the Renaissance Phoenix Glendale Hotel & Spa.  "Transforming the Field of Neurofeedback Through Clinical Practice, Educational Applications, and Research"

ISNR launched a new social media page - Feed For Thought.  This page will act as a discovery engine for all who are interested in human neuroscience, health, well-being, and personal development. Check it out!*** Free Student Memberships - Contact ISNR now to see if you qualify - office@isnr.org!

BCIA Exam Sites
You must first file a certification application with BCIA and pay all fees prior to selecting an exam date using our Exam Registration form.

Please note that you may also elect the special exam option that enables you to use a local proctor.

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August 2018 Update

The Fallacy of Sham-Controlled Neurofeedback Trials:  A Repy to Thibault and Colleagues (2018)

This article was written to dispel the belief that neurofeedback's beneficial effects are due to placebo and has been published in the Journal of Attention Disorders on August 6, 2018.  We are very grateful to the hard work and dedication of Dr. H. Edmund Pigott, BCN; Rex Cannon, PhD, BCN; and Mark Trullinger, BCN.  We owe them a huge thank you for their hard work and dedication to this topic.  Funding for the publication of this article was provided by The Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, The International Society for Neurofeedback and Research, and BCIA.  Read more.....

ISNR 26th Annual Conference in Glendale, AZ


Who Should Attend?
Doctors, clinicians, educators, researchers, practitioners, and mental health care professionals interested in techniques, applications, technologies, and solutions that apply neuroscience in order to better understand and enhance brain function.  Early bird  pricing available now through July 29!  Register now!

ACRM 95th Annual Conference - Dallas, TX

The American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine will host their 95th Annual Conference September 20 - October 3 in Dallas.  You'll be glad to see that Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, and Heart Rate Variability will be well represented.  This is the LARGEST conference in the world for interdisciplinary rehabilitation research — bringing together rehabilitation researchers, providers, clinicians, and administrators from 65+ countries.

Helen Yau from Hong Kong Earns her BCB-PMD

BCIA is proud to welcome Helen Kit Ling Yau, RN, BCB-PMD, where she is the Nursing Officer of Caritas Medical Center in Hong Kong. Her area of interest is in Urology and she is the in-charge nurse of the Ambulatory Urology Centre where her main roles and duties are handling all types of Urology patients, i.e. LUTS (Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms), urinary retention, incontinence patients and cancer patients. She performs extensive urology management for these patients; including: bladder training, self intermittent catheterization, pelvic floor muscle exercise, biofeedback training, pre and post operation management. Her other clinic experiences are in the areas of nursing education, mentoring, primary health education and nursing administration.  Helen will continue to go above and beyond in seeking the latest Urology information to serve the patients.

BCIA Welcomes M'Lani Basson, BCN from South Africa

Ms. M'Lani Basson, BCN is a registered trauma counsellor practicing in South Africa helping children and adults cope and thrive within their individual situations.

She is very interested in how ADD symptoms manifest in our community and the link to anxiety and stress. Neurofeedback has given so much hope and change to the clients she works with.



BCIA-Australia and BCIA Welcome Alikki Russell, BCN

Alikki Russell is a psychologist working in private practice in Lake Macquarie, NSW, Australia. Alikki has a particular interest in working with Complex Developmental Trauma and Dissociation.  She is the coordinator for the Newcastle Complex Trauma Mental Health Professionals Network (MHPN), and is a member of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation (ISSTD), and the Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) Association of Australia (EMDRAA).  Alikki uses a multi-modal approach to supporting her clients in reducing the effects of their exposure to Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s), and has found that by including neurofeedback into their treatment plans her clients have much greater capacity to regulate their arousal and increase their functioning.

BCIA-H and BCIA Announce the First BCN from Ecuador

We welcome Dr. Yovanny Jimenez, a neuropsychologist. He was professor of the Neuropsychology Postgraduate Course of the Central University of Ecuador and UNICEF Consultant for children and adolescents for 15 years. He was founder and Director of the Foundation for Children and Community and is currently Director of Higea Ecuador, a clinic focused on attention and neurofeedback, neuropsychology and psychology research in Ecuador.  Dr. Jimenez has been a pioneer in promoting neurofeedback-related activities in Ecuador for 10 years. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Mexican Society for Bio and Neurofeedback, the South American School of Transpersonal Psychology, and the International Society for Neurofeedback and Research, also authoring of several psychology and neuropsychology publications in Ecuador and has been invited to international conferences and meetings.

BCIA and BCIA-H Welcome Dr. David Arroyo Psic.Npf, BCB
Dr. Arroyo has more than 15 years of clinical and teaching experience in the fields of Clinical, Medical and Health Psychology and Applied Neuropsychophysiology. As a founding member of the Mexican Society of Bio and Neurofeedback, he served on its board for almost 10 years. For 9 years he was in charge of the Medical Psychology Service in one of the most important private hospitals in Mexico, where he established the first in-hospital applied psychophysiology service. He also was appointed president of the medical bioethics committee for two consecutive periods. As the CEO of the Mindful Neuroscience Centers in Monterrey and in Mexico City, he works in collaboration with national and international societies such as SMBN, BFE, AAPB, BCIA, and BCIA-H, directing his efforts towards the professional development of evidence-based Applied Neuropsychophysiology both in Spanish-speaking countries and in the rest of the world, creating and teaching academic, training, and mentoring programs.

BCIA Proudly Announces the Francine Butler Scholarship Winners

The BCIA Board of Directors developed a scholarship program to honor the accomplishments of Dr. Francine Butler and her lifetime of service to AAPB, BCIA, and to the field of applied psychophysiology and biofeedback.  This award pays all customary certification fees and is given to an outstanding student who has completed their didactic education at a regionally accredited academic institution and who shows great promise to our field.  This year’s winners are:  Jessica Ledwith, nominated by Chris Branciere, BCB, University of North Florida; Brian Rankin and Roya Iravani, nominated by Richard Gevirtz, PhD, BCB, of Alliant University; Cosima Hoetger, nominated by Carol Austad, PhD, BCB of Central Connecticut State University; and Candice Gonsalves, nominated by Barbara Morrell, PhD, BCB of Brigham Young University.  We are so proud of these exceptional students as they join the past winners who will be the leaders of tomorrow!  We can’t wait to see where their careers take them!

BCIA Affiliate Expands - BCIA-H

BCIA-M has been a BCIA affiliate since 2014. Since its foundation, they have had the commitment to promote BCIA Certification among practitioners and to enhance the availability of BCIA accredited courses and mentors in Spanish.  Thanks to this effort, there is a growing number of practitioners from Mexico and other Spanish-speaking Latin American countries, who contact this affiliate to obtain guidance regarding how to meet all the requirements prior to filing their applications, review the documentation, and make appropriate exam arrangements.  Therefore, BCIA-M has been replaced by BCIA-H (Hispanoamérica) to officially expand the help provided to other Spanish-speaking Latin American countries to undergo the process that leads to certification.

BCIA Announces Important Changes to the Neurofeedback Certification Program
The Board of Directors consistently reviews the certification programs to ensure that they meet the highest standards in credentialing.  We would like to tell you about two important changes.
1.  The human anatomy requirement has been updated to Neuroanatomy.  This will only impact new applications or those who have not yet taken a course to fulfill that standard.  We encourage all those who carry the BCN credential to pursue updated course work in this area as part of their CE requirement for recertification.  2.  Special education is no longer included as a degree for clinical certification.  Those with a degree or background in special education are encouraged to apply for certification as a technician.

Nature.com Publishes a Landmark Article
A multi-modal parcellation of human cerebral cortex by Glasser et al.
Understanding the amazingly complex human cerebral cortex requires a map (or parcellation) of its major subdivisions, known as cortical areas. Making an accurate areal map has been a century-old objective in neuroscience.  Click here for the full text.

International News
Announces an International Fee Structure
This revised fee structure was designed in line with the country groupings as used by the World Psychiatric Association.  All fees including certification, recertification, and even webinars offers 4 different fee levels in accordance with the financial realities in each country or region. We know that our field is coming of age worldwide and it is important to be able to offer education, training, and certification more affordably.  Read more...

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