Frequently Asked Questions

Who may mentor?

BCIA requires that a mentor be appropriately BCIA-certified and in active clinical practice for a minimum of two years.

  • BCIA certificants may only mentor candidates for General Biofeedback Certification, unless they are able to demonstrate competency in other areas.
  • EEG certificants may only mentor candidates for EEG Biofeedback Certification, unless they are able to demonstrate competency in other areas.
  • PMDB certificants may only mentor candidates for PMDB Certification, unless they are able to demonstrate competency in other areas.

May I use more than one mentor?

Yes. Candidates may wish to use more than one mentor, because they are looking for expertise in a specific area of practice or would like the benefit of varied experience and client approach. It is important to keep good records noting the work accomplished with each.

What if there are no BCIA-Certified professionals in my area to mentor me?

Long distance mentoring is very easily accomplished in today’s electronic world. Candidates may want a particular expertise that they can’t find in their own region.

May I get credit for mentoring hours accomplished before I filed my application for certification?

Of course. Though BCIA strongly recommends that your certification application be on file prior to starting the process, we would honor any work done prior to that date.

How can I find a mentor?

BCIA recommends that you first start with the mentors identified on our Find a Mentor area. This allows you to search by certification type (GEN, EEG, or PMDB). Remember, any appropriately BCIA-certified person can serve in this capacity; however, it is important to find a good relationship where both the candidate and mentor agree that their work styles, professional background, and client base would be compatible. Since not every certificant has registered for the Find a Mentor search area, you may get better results by using the Find a Practitioner search to access all BCIA-certified professionals.

What if I want to use a mentor that is not BCIA-certified?

BCIA supports the use of a BCIA-certified mentor; however, we realize that in some cases, you may know of an expert with whom you would like to learn to apply your clinical biofeedback skills. BCIA has a non-certified mentor application process to review the relevant education, experience, and training for any professional who is not currently BCIA-certified.

How much do mentors charge?

The costs of clinical biofeedback services vary across the country due to specific geography, education, experience of the mentor, and a variety of other factors. As such, the cost of mentoring contact hours will vary as well. You will have to contact each professional to ask what they charge.

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