How Can I Become Recertified?

Where do I start?
To start the recertifcation process
,  you must:

1.   Review the CE requirements that include 3 hours of ethics and when you are sure you have completed them,

2.   Complete, sign, and submit the application, including a copy of your license if appropriate.

3.   Include your fee, either through the use of the online payment system or you may send us a check.
Use the links to the appropriate certification program below to find more specific information.

Recertification Programs

How long is my certification valid?
All Certification are valid for 4 years

New in 2021 - The PMDB program has been adjusted to be the same as other programs like biofeedback and neurofeedback. 

During this time one must document completion of 48 hours of accredited, blueprint-relevant continuing education that includes 3 hours of ethics course work.  Most licensed professionals may have already completed part or all of the CE requirement during the  maintenance of their health care credential.  Should CE not be an easy choice for you, it is permitted that you may retake the basic certification exam and complete it with a passing score.

Updates Since Your Last Recertification

1.   Ethics - BCIA has revised the Professional Standards and Ethical Principles of Biofeedback  (PSEP).   Each applicant must sign that they have read,  understand, and agree to abide by these principles.  Please take a minute and review this document.  This link will provide options for the completion of this requirement.

2.   International Fee Structure - The BCIA Board of Directors is proud to announce the launch of a new international fee structure designed to be more in line with the financial realities in each country and region. We use a 4-tier country grouping based on what is used by the World Psychiatric Association.  Please use the links below for more information.

       -  Country Listings - use this to see the group where your country is listed.  The US is in Group I.
       -  International Fee Structure

3.   Online Payment System  - You may use your credit card to pay your fees. Please note that your payment will not be processed until we have your signed application. Should you forget to submit your application, we will send you a reminder, but if you wait too long, your payment will drop off the system and you will have to redo the payment process.

4.   Dual Certification:  Additionally, for those who are dual certified (currently certified in more than 1 BCIA modality such as both bio and neurofeedback, HRV biofeedback and neurofeedback, or PMDB and biofeedback), the recertification fee for the first filing deadline has been reduced by $25 and then will increase in $25 increments through the other filing periods.  One does not need separate hours for each recertification.  If you are certified in more than one program, instead of 48 hours each for a total of 96, you are only looking for 48 hours across each 4-year time span and it can be from either blueprint or both.

Affordable, Accessible Continuing Education (CE)
For more affordable and accessible CE options, BCIA provides access to CE articles with an associated exam that earn 1 hour of CE.  Additionally, BCIA provides webinars, either in live presentation or recordings.

BCIA has now officially adopted the use of formal mentoring as a way to fulfill a maximum of 20 hours of the required CE for both biofeedback and neurofeedback recertification.  This work must be done by a  BCIA approved mentor selected using the same parameters as when seeking original certification.  Additionally, the work done must be logged and signed off by both the mentor and the candidate using this form.


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