BCIA certifies individuals who meet education and training standards in biofeedback and progressively recertifies those who advance their knowledge through continuing education.

BCIA is recognized as the certification body for the practice of biofeedback by the Association of Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (AAPB), the Biofeedback Federation of Europe (BFE), and the International Society for Neurofeedback and Research (ISNR).

Multiculturalism and Diversity
BCIA endorses the American Psychological Association “Multicultural Guidelines.” BCIA professionals recognize the importance of multiculturalism and diversity in clinical and optimal performance practice, education, and research, and treat individuals from diverse ethnic, linguistic, racial, sexual orientation, and gender identity backgrounds with appreciation and sensitivity.

Terms of Use and Privacy  Policies

BCIA works to serve the field of applied psychophysiology and biofeedback and most importantly you, our clients, who visit our website, apply for certification and recertification, enroll in continuing education activities, or have expressed interest in our programs.  We wish to fully respect and protect your privacy and security of your contact information.   Please review the following documents:  BCIA Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of Use which include the Procedures for Requesting Removal of Infringing Material.

Board Certification Areas
BCIA offers Certification in Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, Pelvic Muscle Dysfunction Biofeedback, and HRV Biofeedback for health care professionals and a Technician Certification for those working in the US and Canada who cannot document an education that meets our stated educational requirements and who are working under the legal supervision of a licensed and BCIA certified professional.   Read more...

BCIA Credentials
BCIA has trademarked BCB, BCN, and BCB-PMD for your use where allowed. Read more…

BCIA Professional Standards/Ethical Principles of Biofeedback
This document is designed to be a living document that will serve to guide your decisions and is meant to serve beside the ethical principles of your profession and within the laws of your state that govern health care.  Please revisit this document as it may be updated as needed.

BCIA News  -  2020 Webinar Schedule

June 19 & 26 - Two-Part Ethics, presented by Don Moss, PhD, BCB, BCN
Part I  This two-part webinar will review legal and ethical responsibilities of biofeedback and neurofeedback practitioners. The first session will provide an overview of medical ethics and a review of the most recent AAPB/BCIA Professional Standards and Ethical Principles of Biofeedback (2016).  In addition, the presenter will review basic guidelines in telehealth, as applicable to biofeedback and neurofeedback. As providers move rapidly into telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is helpful to review current telehealth practice standards. For more information and to register.....  Note:  We are working to provide APA credits for this workshop and will keep you posted.

Part II This second session will introduce ethical principles and practice standards for neurofeedback. The webinar will review the 2012 Standards of Practice for Neurofeedback and Neurotherapy, endorsed by the International Society for Neurofeedback and Research, and the 2018 ISNR Code of Ethics. The presenter will place emphasis on the imperative to maintain a positive treatment relationship, eliciting rapport and trust. Clinical anecdotes will be used to illustrate practice standards and likely problems. The webinar will close with discussion of the special challenges of practicing during the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information and to register.....  Note:  We are working to provide APA credits for this workshop and will keep you posted.

July 17 - Remote Therapy in the Age of Covid, presented by Linda Walker, PhD, LPC, BCB, BCN
Teletherapy for psychophysiology has long helped clients who are not easily able to attend office training either due to chronic health problems or distance. In the age of COVID-19, when clients need to be able to connect with their therapists more than ever, therapists might consider tele-training as a means to keep therapy moving forward and maintaining a viable practice. The good news is our selection of training platforms and technology to implement home training has never been better!  More information and registration to come.

September 25 - Neurofeedback Mentoring for Difficult Cases, presented by Laura Childers, MA, LPC, BCN.

BCIA Webinars Did you know we offer 2 different types of webinars?  An offering from the Clinical Update Series is a 90-minute presentation that is based on traditional continuing education and offers information on an advanced topic.  Mentoring webinars are for those who are seeking either certification or recertification.  These webinars are 90-minute presentations and provide 1 contact hour to review 2 case conference presentations.

Missed a BCIA webinar?  Click here to purchase a recording!

Ongoing Educational Opportunities
Please check with the BCIA-accredited didactic training providers as many provide high quality educational opportunities throughout the year! Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, Pelvic Muscle Dysfunction, and HRV.

October 23 - 25 - NRBS Annual Conference in Princeton, NJ.

ASET – They offer BCIA accredited courses to fulfill our continuing education requirements toward recertification.

***Free Webinars - ASET also offers free webinars on equipment hygiene and skin care!  You can find them under the education area - webinars and then free recordings.

AAPB 2020 Webinar Series

AAPB 51st Annual Scientific Meeting - November 3 - 6, 2020, LaJolla, CA - Rescheduled!

June 11 - Social Media Can Be Our Friend:  A Workshop for Health Care Leaders and  Professionals in a Global Pandemic, presented by Diane G. Wilson, LCPC, BCN.  Read more....

AAPB's New Release:  Physiological Recording Technology and Applications in Biofeedback and Neurofeedback by Don Moss, PhD, BCB, BCN, BCB-HRV and Fred Shaffer, PhD, BCB, BCB-HRV.

AAPB-published Digital Books Now Available! AAPB's top selling texts are now available for purchase in digital form, readable on computers or other electronic devices: Evidence-based Practice in Biofeedback & Neurofeedback - 3rd Edition by Gabriel Tan, PhD, BCB, BCN, Fredric Shaffer, PhD, BCB, Randall Lyle, PhD,BCN, and Irene Teo; Foundations of Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback: A Book of Readings by Donald Moss, PhD, BCB, BCN, and Fredric Shaffer, PhD, BCB; and The Neurofeedback Book - 2nd Edition by Michael Thompson, MD and Lynda Thompson, PhD, BCN.  Click here for more information!

The ISNR 28th Annual Conference dates have been changed to July 31 - August 2, 2020 and is now an online format.  Call For Papers is now open!

ISNR Webinar Series - Friday, May 8, 15, 22, & 29
Ethical Considerations for Neuro/Biofeedback Providers, presented by Leslie Sherlin, PhD, BCB, BCN

ISNR Webinar - June 12:  Developmental Trauma and Neurofeedback:  Impact, Treatment, and Assessments presented by Dr. Diana Martinez, BCN and Dr. Ainat Rogel, BCN.

 BCIA Exam Sites
You must first file a certification application with BCIA and pay all fees prior to selecting an exam date using our Exam Registration form.

Please note that you may also elect the special exam option that enables you to use a local proctor.

International News
Announces an International Fee Structure
This revised fee structure was designed in line with the country groupings as used by the World Psychiatric Association.  All fees including certification, recertification, and even webinars offers 4 different fee levels in accordance with the financial realities in each country or region. We know that our field is coming of age worldwide and it is important to be able to offer education, training, and certification more affordably.  Read more...

Didactic Training Programs Are Available in Many Countries
We are delighted to let you know that our international training programs are rapidly expanding.  BCIA-accredited didactic courses are available in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, and Spain.  Very soon we will be formally announcing a university-based neurofeedback didactic course in South Korea!  For more information on dates and specific locations.....

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May 2020 Update

Thought Technology Offers Free Webinars
Thank you to Thought Technology for providing free webinars on a variety of topics that will provide credit toward BCIA recertification.  Read more....

American Psychological Association Releases Telehealth Guidelines
The APA has recently published Telehealth guidelines by state during COVID-19. Though this information is geared towards psychologists, some of it may be relevant to those who are not psychologists, yet are licensed in other areas of mental health.  Read more....
Thank you to Dr. Genomary Krigbaum-Perez, MA, PsyD, BCB.

The ISNR 28th Annual Conference dates have been changed to July 31 - August 2, 2020 and is now an online format. 
Call For Papers is now open!

Welcome to Manuel Hernandez Pacheco, BCN from Spain

Manuel Hernandez has two degrees, Psychology and Biology, both from the University of Málaga (Spain).  His passion is the link between the Brain and the Mind, and specifically everything related to neurofeedback and psychopathology. He is also an expert in attachment and psychological trauma and has written three books about this topic. Manuel has created his own therapeutic model, named PARCUVE, where he relates all these issues.

Welcome to Evelio Garijo Saiz, BCN from Spain

Evelio is a clinical neuropsychologist and psychopedagogist specializing in neurodevelopmental and mood disorders, and brain damage. He has been working with neurofeedback in these types of patients since 2008. From his work, he tries to maximize the improvements obtained with neurofeedback in coordination with occupational therapists, speech therapists and therapeutic pedagogues.  To achieve this, they have integrated work with neurofeedback with models of mental architectural development, functional neuropsychology, and stress management.

*Update - BCIA Offices Closed Through April 30
Jefferson County, Colorado has issued a "stay at home" public health notice which means starting Thursday, March 26, we will not be allowed to go to our physical office at least through May 8.  We will do our best to stay virtually connected to you, but please be patient with us as we try to adjust how we work.   Please stay safe, healthy, and positive during this difficult time.

Care for Biofeedback and Neurofeedback Instrumentation

Thank you to AAPB publishing this information and allowing us to share it with you!  Read more......

Congratulations to Dr. Ana Ortiz Perez, BCN from Spain

Ana Ortiz Pérez is a neuropsychologist and doctor specialized in working with children diagnosed with ADHD. Since her beginnings, she has been working with patients who have suffered brain damage, and children with ADHD. Moreover, currently she is also working with behavioral problems and neurodevelopmental disorders. She works from a cognitive and behavioural orientation, incorporating Neurofeedback as a complementary tool to her work. Dr. Ortiz Perez considers the therapeutic success when improvement is achieved both in the main patient and in the relationship with the relatives around them.

BCIA Welcomes Doerthe Schiess, MD, PhD, BCN from the UAE

Dr. Doerthe Schiess, MD, PhD, BCN is a Neurologist in private practice at Kind Care Medical Center, Dubai, UAE, investigating, treating and preventing neurological diseases in children and adults. She added quantitative EEG and neurofeedback into practice in 2018 as an innovative and drug-free approach for improvement of focus and alertness, cognitive function, mental and academic performance, motor and impulse control, higher resilience, productivity and creativity within balanced mood, not only in attention deficit, learning disabilities, autism, and post-traumatic stress disorders as well in epilepsy, traumatic brain injuries, stroke, Parkinson's disease, migraines, dizziness, fibromyalgia, and chronic pain, just to name a few, with great success.
Welcome Dr. Seunghee Won, BCN from The Republic of Korea

Dr. Seunghee Won, MD, PhD, BCN is from the Kyungpook National University Hospital.  As a psychiatrist working in a university, Dr. Won has been treating mood disorders and schizophrenia as his main specialty for the past 25 years.  He is also interested in anxiety disorders, ADHD, autism, and  traumatic brain injury.  Dr. Won is using rTMS and tDCS to treat various diseases, and now  he is looking forward to using qEEG and Neurofeedback, which has been a great experience for him and his patients

BCIA Welcomes Pilar Rodriguez Ortiz, BCN From Spain

Ms. Rodriguez Ortiz is a clinical neuropsychologist, working in private practice for the last 20 years. Her work has been mainly dedicated to neurodevelopment disorders, focusing on ADHD, behavior disorders and underachievement. She introduced Neurofeedback and Biofeedback tools to improve the practice with new approaches.  This also helped to expand to treating adults with anxiety disorders and brain damage.  Her belief is that the mind-body connection is absolutely necessary when addressing any type of problems.

BCIA Offers New Option for Online Exam Proctoring

Image result for EXAMROOMai We are proud to announce our partnership with ExamRoomAI, an online proctoring service that can monitor the exam's security and confidentiality while allowing you to take the exam anywhere in the world.  Now there is no need to leave your home or office.  Their services are very affordable and we hope that this will remove this barrier.  Soon this will be available for all BCIA exams.  Read more....

CPT Code Update
We recently received an update from the group working on our CPT codes and we thought you may find this of interest.  This document provides a brief overview of the history and includes the ongoing work.  BCIA hosted a webinar on this topic which was very popular and we believe it is vital for every practicing bio or neurofeedback clinician who wishes to correctly bill insurance.  You may purchase the recording and then complete the online evaluation/exam and earn 1.5 hours of accredited CE toward the 3 hours of ethics required of all BCIA certificants for their recertification!  To purchase.....

Inna Khazan, PhD, BCB, BCB-HRV Publishes 2nd Book

We are pleased to announce that Biofeedback and Mindfulness in Everyuday Life:  Practical Solutions for Improving Your Health and Performance will soon be available.   Dr. Khazan's work pairs biofeedback techniques with mindfulness practice to address some of life’s most common ailments― from anxiety and fear to stress and insomnia.  Her approach outlines simple solutions for readers who want to improve the way they respond to challenges. She guides them through increasing their resilience and emotional flexibility while empowering them to take back control of their overall health.   Ordering information.

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