Overview of Entry-Level Neurofeedback Certification

This brochure will provide a quick review of the certification program or for more detail, scroll down.

Certification Requirements

Candidates must demonstrate the completion of these three requirements and the written exam.  Should you believe you have completed a requirement in a legitimate way different than as described below, you may request a special review to look for equivalency.

1.  Neuroanatomy

  • A neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, physiological psychology, or course(s) that provide a sound basis for the brain and how it functions, taken from a regionally accredited academic institution or a BCIA-approved provider within the last 15 years.  **Note:  While a review of neuroanatomy is included in the didactic education requirement below, a separate university course is required.

2.  Didactic Education to learn the science, history, and theory of neurofeedback

3.  Mentoring - Practical Skills Training

You are required to spend 25 contact hours (2 must be face to face) with a BCIA-approved mentor to learn to apply the clinical neurofeedback skills through the review of:

  • 10 sessions of self-regulation (you are the patient or the client and can even hook up yourself and send printouts of the sessions to the mentor for review)
  • 100 patient/client sessions where you are hooking up a client and running a complete session
  • 10 case study presentations which are full detailed patient/client stories from intake and protocol selection/adjustment, through discharge.  These cases may be presented to you by your mentor or they may be a client you have not yet reviewed with your mentor.  This is the only mentoring that can easily be done in an online group setting.

Each session is to be a minimum of 20 minutes.  More than 1 mentor  may be used.  Please visit the Neurofeedback Mentoring area of this website and carefully review the Mentoring Guidelines and other documents to assist you through the process.  

Filing an Application
Applications must be on file and approved prior to considering the exam.

Certification Exam
Requirements may be met in any order and do not have to be completed prior to the exam; however, we strongly recommend that the didactics and a good portion of the mentoring be completed to ensure success.  Applications must be on file and approved prior to considering the exam.



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