Overview of Technician Entry-Level Neurofeedback Certification

Basic Information

Currently, this neurofeedback certification is offered only for those who are working and living in the United States and Canada and who are currently working for a licensed and BCIA certified professional who is providing legal supervision. This certification path has no specific educational prerequisites.  Applicants for Technician Certification should be aware that:

  • This program is intended for individuals who are already employed as neurofeedback technicians; however anyone is permitted to begin training.
  • Applicants must pass the same rigorous certification exam that we administer to candidates pursuing the clinical certification.
  • Technicians must be legally supervised by those who are BCIA certified in neurofeedback, licensed and legally able to supervise non-licensed personnel, and must work within their supervisor’s specific scope of practice.
  • Should the employment change, the certification is no longer valid until the technician can once again demonstrate current employment in accordance to the standards as outlined above.
  • Technicians names are not listed on our provider directory.


The following are the basic requirements for Technician Certification:

  • Didactic education course covering the 36-hour BCIA Blueprint of Knowledge statements from a regionally-accredited academic institution or a BCIA-accredited training program.
  • Proof of an neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, or physiological psychology course 
  • Internship/Mentoring to learn the application of clinical skills. Mentoring Contact Hours refers to 10 hours of time spent to review 20 patient sessions and to learn basic equipment, electrode placements, and personal self-regulation skills.
  • Written Certification Exam - When you have been notified that your application has been accepted, you may make plans to take your written exam either using the special exam option. 
    New in 2020 - The exam has been shortened to include only those items appropriate for an unlicensed person working as a technician.Please use the Core Reading List to prepare for the exam.

Filing An Application
The application must be on file with all fees paid prior to scheduling the exam.

Certification Exam

Certification is valid for four years and recertification is based on the successful completion of the written exam or the documentation of 30 hours of accredited, neurofeedback-relevant continuing education.

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