Application Instructions for Technician Neurofeedback Certification by Prior Experience

General Information

Board certification in neurofeedback as a technician is awarded upon successful completion of the following requirements:

  • Submission of the BCIA neurofeedback certification application and providing the necessary documentation.
  • Completion of  the written examination for validation purposes.
  • Payment of all fees.

Specific Instructions for Completing the Application

Please provide all information as completely as possible. Remember to use the same address on all correspondence.

The following describes the Education/Training Requirements for certification. Provide a signature or separate letter for Items 1 through 5 on the application and enclose the necessary documentation. Clearly reference all documentation submitted by numbering each document accordingly.

An underlined segment denotes special instructions for completing that particular portion of the application.


Enter the educational institution, degree, field of study, and date awarded.

Supervisor’s License/Credential for Independent Practice

All information must be completed by your licensed supervisor.  A copy of the license must accompany this application.

1. Didactic Biofeedback Education - 36 Hours

Didactic education is outlined in detail in the Blueprint of Knowledge statement.

Submit one of the following:

  • Transcripts or certificates of attendance from an accredited college or university or a BCIA-accredited training program that verify the didactic training for each Blueprint area and the hours taught.
  • Documentation of a minimum of 16 hours of formal one-on-one professional didactic training supported by a signed letter sent directly to BCIA.
  • Documentation of a minimum of 16 hours of one-on-one instruction supported by a signed letter sent directly to BCIA.

2. Mentoring for Skill Development

Please submit a statement detailing this work.

3. Experience with clients/patients

Please submit a written statement detailing this work.  This is called a Statement of Practical Experience.

4. Letters of Verification

Please submit at least 3 letters supporting your Statement of Practical Experience.  Use this link to review a sample letter. 

5. Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, or Human Biology Course

Please check the area(s) that support how you met this requirement.

6. Exam

Once your application has been accepted and approved, you are required to complete the written validation examination.  This will not affect your application for Certification by Prior Experience.  The purpose of this esam is to ensure reliability and validity of the Neurofeedback examination process.


Without your signature, the application is invalid.

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