BCIA Accredited Distance Education Courses

The following programs are accredited to provide 42 hours of education to fulfill the BCIA biofeedback certification didactic requirement in a distance education format.

Behavioral Medicine Research and Training Foundation
Port Angeles, WA
(360) 452-5020

BioNeurofeedback Treatment & Training Center
Dr. Celeste DeBease, PhD, BCB, BCN  -- (610) 660-0443
*approved for 45 APA credits

East Carolina University*
Greenville, NC
(252) 328-0024

*online courses or distance education available

Saybrook Graduate School
Department of Clinical Psychology emphasis in Applied Psychophysiology Program
San Francisco, CA
(800) 825-4480
Courses are open to students enrolled in the Mind-Body Medicine degree program, the Integrative Health Studies concentration, and the Mind-Body Medicine Graduate Certificate program.

Seminars Without Borders*
Biofeedback Tutor offered through BioSource Software

BCIA accredits education/training programs that meet our rigorous standards. Each provider is responsible for maintaining their own program. For more information, contact each company for specific details. For questions relating to certification, contact BCIA directly.

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