Press Kits

There are several types of press kits, and you may find the need to have more than one for yourself and your business. All of your press kits should spotlight the BCIA logo. Kits will create a resource tool for potential clients and reveal you to be a member for networking leads within the industry.

Types and Uses of Press Kits

  • Colleague - This kit should spotlight your networks, associations, memberships, and training.
  • Business - This kit should spotlight success stories, professional recommendations, and accolades, as well as contact information. This press kit could also contain an FAQ page.
  • Media - This kit should contain an updated photo (acknowledging the copywritten photographer), links to articles written, links to profiles, links to social network affiliations, and pertinent contact information. There should also be a calendar page for guest speaking, upcoming events, etc.

Make sure to have these press kits available on your website as well as on your computer. EPKs (electronic press kit) are commonly used now and make it extremely convenient to follow up, literally, on-the-spot with people requesting information from/about you. However, do not become complacent about having physical packets with you at all times. You do not need to have many with you, but make sure that there is always a “Master Copy” (never to be given out) and multiple copies to hand to people from your computer carrying case or briefcase. This makes a very lasting impression on people as to your seriousness, professionalism, and organization skills.

Above all, the greatest press kit is you: speak openly and enthusiastically about your accomplishments and accolades; be proud of what you do for people; know how to answer questions precisely; most importantly, have talking points ready for all networking events. Here again, make sure you know why you are at a certain event, set measurable results for the time spent, and walk away with leads. A talking point should always answer how you fit into other people’s needs and what you can do for them. Know how best to describe BCIA so that people can see why that logo is important. Be proud of your affiliation and let it show.

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