PMDB Recertification

How Can I Become Recertified in PMDB?

New in 2021 - Recertification is now a 4-year period.  Candidates for recertification must complete 48 hours of accredited continuing education related to the PMDB Blueprint and/or the disorder you may be treating with the majority of your hours being biofeedback-specific. Individuals certified in more than one BCIA program may use CE credits taken from either program.  If for any reason you are unable to complete the CE requirement, you may take the certification exam as an option. 
Senior Fellows must complete 30 hours of accredited continuing education.

Three of the required hours must be related to ethics and professional standards.  
**Because all applicants are licensed health professionals, many will have the completed the continuing education as a function of renewing their license.

Recertification Application

Senior Fellow Recertification Application

Payment Options

  • You may submit the form by mail and include a check payable in US funds to:  BCIA - 5310 Ward Rd, #201- Arvada   CO   80002.
  • Or you may send an scanned copy of the completed document electronically to BCIA at

If you wish to complete the form and email it to us, you may pay your fees online using these links:  Payment Options
All fees are non-refundable.

Recertification: Jan 1–June 30: $225

July 1 – October 31: $250

After November 1: $275

Dual Recert: January 1–June 30: $200
This fee is for those with another BCIA
certification (either biofeedback, HRV, or neurofeedback)

July 1 – October 31: $225

After November 1: $250


Recent changes you may wish to note:

  • Online Continuing Education:
    • BCIA webinars – one can attend a 90-minute online presentation and complete an evaluation and quiz to earn 1.5 hours of ce toward recertification.  Webinars may be attended live or through the recordings.
    • Online articles and quizzes are available for 1 hour of ce.
    • Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are free educational opportunities providing courses and instructors from many top universities.  If you find a course you are interested in for either your human anatomy/physiology requirement OR for CE credit toward recertification, please send us all the information and we'll let you know if your option will be accepted.  Check them out!
  • Formal  Mentoring - A maximum of 20 hours of formal mentoring may be used as part of your required ce. This work must be done by a BCIA-approved mentor selected using the same parameters as when seeking original certification.  Additionally, the work done must be logged and signed off by both the mentor and the candidate using this form.
  • Ethics/professional Conduct - 3 hours of accredited ethics or professional conduct work is required.
  • Exam Item Writing - you may earn credit for authoring exam items that are tied to a source from the core reading list.  Each item must have a stem, 1 correct answer, and 3 distractors.   Please use this form to transmit the exam items electronically to BCIA.  Each item submitted is worth .5 hours of CE and up to 20 hours for recertification may be completed in this way.

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