How Can I Reinstate My Lapsed Certification?

Welcome back! We are very glad that you are considering reinstating your lapsed certification. Your original path of study and meeting of our stringent educational and training requirements was very difficult. We hope it was rewarding to you personally as you attested to your professionalism by attaining the BCIA designation.

The reinstatement of a lapsed certification is a very easy process. You have the option of documenting the appropriate continuing education or scheduling to sit for the written certification exam without repeating the initial certification process. Most clinicians elect the continuing education option. No matter which option you choose, please use these applications:

Applicants may reinstate their certification and take full advantage of the Progressive Certification Program. By reinstating your certification at this time, you may apply the certification designation you would have achieved had your certification continued without lapse. For example, if your certification lapsed for 2 years at the point you would have become a BCIAC Fellow, you may now reinstate your certification with the designation of BCIAC Fellow.

Remember, once you are officially recertified, your name and contact information will appear on our Find a Practitioner area of this website. As always you may contact the office with more specific questions.

Recertification by Continuing Education

All continuing education hours must be related to the Blueprint with a majority of the hours biofeedback-specific.  Many professionals are able to use course work taken to maintain professional licensure if the content is relevant to the field of applied psychophysiology and biofeedback.

To reinstate certification via continuing education, please:

  • complete a log indicating all Continuing Education (CE) hours per the lapsed certification requirements
  • attach documentation of accredited CE hours
  • complete and sign the application form
  • enclose a copy of your license or indicate that you practice independently under the supervision of a BCIA-qualified supervisor
  • enclose payment of $300 for bio/neurofeedback and $225 for PMDB

Recertification by Examination

Applicants may also recertify by registering for and passing the written biofeedback examination. Examinations are given at scheduled sites during the year or may be taken as a special exam. Please use the exam registration form which lists upcoming dates and locations or the special exam registration form.

Score: A passing score of 65% on the overall exam is required for recertification. Individuals who score below 65% may make up CE hours from the blueprint areas that were failed in order to complete their recertification. Hours must be completed subsequent to taking the exam.

To reinstate certification via an exam, please complete and sign the application form, obtain a current exam sign-up form, and indicate choice of test date/site. If selecting the special exam option, please submit an additional $50 for the online exam or $100 for the written exam along with the completed form. Send a copy of your license or indicate that you practice under supervision and return these items with applicable fees two weeks prior to posted examination date. Applicants cannot be seated after that deadline.

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