Accreditation for Biofeedback Didactic Education

Didactic training requires completion of the blueprint for certification, taken either at a recognized, regionally accredited academic institution or a BCIA accredited training provider.  Each provider would ideally apply to teach all concepts in the blueprint; however, they may apply to teach only a portion of the material.  In this case, the provider must completely teach all concepts within a rubric, but do not need to apply for each rubric in the blueprint.

Courses are provided either as a face-to-face live presentation or distance education that may take many different formats.  BCIA recommends considering a hybrid program that would be a combination of in person training and distance education.  This saves money and time away from the professional's clinical practice; however it may not be the perfect answer for everyone.

Please complete and submit this application, along with all training materials that demonstrate complete coverage of the blueprint and the appropriate non-refundable filing fee.  The preferred method is electronic submission showing a course syllabus and outline, and as well the power points that display the teaching materials.

The BCIA Blueprint of Knowledge Statements for biofeedback provide the course outline of everything that must be taught in order to be considered an accredited didactic program.  Currently most training providers are teaching based on the older blueprint; however BCIA all new programs applying must use the 2015 blueprint.   All training providers will be required to submit a revised application showing how they updated their teaching materials to reflect the revised blueprint.

Other documents you may need:

- BCIA Professional Standards and Ethical Principles

- BCIA Accreditation Policies

Upon approval, your name and contact information will be included on the BCIA Accredited Didactic provider list.  It is required that within 10 days of completion of the course, the program must submit a Course Provider Report along with the associated training fees of $50 per student.  This report is built as an xcel spread sheet and will be sent to you upon final approval of your application.  This fee should be included in the original tuition paid by each student and not charged separately as an add-on.  All attendees are required to complete an online student evaluation form that tells us how they believe the learning objectives and the blueprint were covered. 


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