Frequently Asked Questions

BCIA Recertification- Frequently Asked Questions

General Biofeedback and Neurofeedback

  • Certification is a 4-year period.
  • Continuing education is 48 accredited hours of blueprint relevant course work including 3 hours of ethics/professional conduct.
    • January 1– June 30: $225
    • July 1 – October 31: $250
    • After November 1: $275
  • Progressive certification: Certificant, Associate Fellow, Fellow, Fellow 2, Senior Fellow

Pelvic Muscle Dysfunction Biofeedback

  • Certification is a 3-year period.
  • Continuing education is 36 accredited hours blueprint relevant course work including 3 hours of ethics/professional conduct.
    • January 1– June 30: $150
    • July 1 – October 31: $175
    • After November 1: $200
  • Progressive certification: Certificant, Associate Fellow, Fellow, Fellow 2, Senior Fellow

What qualifies as accredited?

Accredited refers to an outside body that sanctions course work as having met specific criteria. Examples are the national body of a health care professional organization – APA, AMA, APTA, etc.; a regionally accredited academic institution (college or university), or BCIA. Additionally state or regional biofeedback societies offer bio or neurofeedback specific courses.

Do I have to submit copies of all of my CE certificates?

No. You may send in a log of your course work and copies of the certificates if you wish; however there is a checkbox for attestation should you prefer that option. Ten percent of all applications are randomly audited.

What happens if I get audited?

You will have to submit a log of all continuing education activities and copies of the certificates prior to completion of your recertification.

Ethics  - How do I fulfill this requirement?

There are many ways to complete this requirement and in fact, you may have already done so when you earned or maintained your license?  Read more.....

I can’t travel. Are there other ways to gain continuing education credits? Yes

  • Exam Item Writing: You may write and submit exam questions. For each appropriately formatted multiple-choice item that you submit, you will receive .5 hours of accredited CE. To receive credit, please use the Exam Item Writing Form. You may submit up to 40 questions (or 20 hours) per recertification period.
  • Mentoring: For each valid BCIA applicant that you work with for a minimum of 15 hours, you may claim 5 hours of accredited continuing education.
  • Online courses or webinars: Many organizations offer accredited online CE. Please check this list of organizations offering blueprint relevant course work – some of them may have online venues. Check with the national body of your profession to see if they would have accredited courses that may fit within the blueprint. Those courses may also work toward the maintenance of your license. Additionally check with AAPB, ISNR or other organizations that may include a bio or neurofeedback track in their program, for example, the American Academy of Pain Management.
  • Online magazine/journal reading: Please visit the list of articles posted on the website. Select the article, pay for the quiz, and upon completion, you will receive 1 hour of CE credit.

Can I take the exam as an option to CE if I want to?

Yes. You may make arrangements at any BCIA scheduled exam site or you may use our special exam option of finding an independent proctor. Typically you can find these services at a local university or even a public library. The time limit is 3 hours and there is an additional fee charged by BCIA for this option - $100 for paper/pencil and $50 for our new online version.

Why the change in mailing dates and deadlines?

Staff would not be able to process all the materials to keep the certifications intact if we received them all at the end of December. This is just another way we can keep your recertification costs down.

What if I can’t meet the deadline because of an illness or other personal problem?

Please write to BCIA outlining your reason to request a medical extension. If you have not been able to work clinically, then you did not use your certification; and therefore we may be able to extend it for the same amount of time that you were out of work.

What does Senior Fellow mean?

It means that you have recertified four times and that you have accumulated additional education and experience. When you recertify as a Senior Fellow, you are only looking to document only 30 accredited hours of CE.

How do I know if I’m a Senior Fellow?

Go to the Find a Practitioner area of the website and look yourself up! Another option is to turn around and look at the beautiful certificate hanging on your wall – and as always, you can email us at

I only work a few hours a week – is there a category for me?

Yes – you can apply to be semi-retired with only a $125 recertification fee if you work professionally 20 hours or less per week. The 20 hours means your professional practice, not specifically bio or neurofeedback applications.

I have fully retired from active clinical practice – what’s next?

You may request Emeritus status. This is a free designation BCIA grants you to honor your many years of commitment to the field. Please email the office if you have retired from active clinical practice and would like to be considered Emeritus. If you would like to stay involved in BCIA perhaps as a committee member or even as a mentor, you may retire and stay listed on our website so that colleagues could find you. Please ask about this option.

What if I change my mind and want to return to practice?

Contact BCIA and we’ll help you figure out the best way to reinstate your active certification.

What if I have not recertified in several years?

You may reinstate your certification through our Lapsed Certification program which asks you to document some relevant continuing education to prove that you are current in the field. We ask that the CE work be done most recently. In 2009, the Board approved new guidelines in this area that are much more user friendly. Please contact BCIA at for more information.

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