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BCIA-Australia offers certification for both entry-level and advanced Neurofeedback practitioners.

An Australian affiliate of BCIA (BCIA-A) has been established for certification of Australian health professionals who practise Neurofeedback. In 2010, the Applied Neuroscience Society of Australasia (ANSA) agreed to the development of an independent body whose role would be to develop and oversee standards for certification within Australasia.  It was also agreed that this new organization would be affiliated with The Biofeedback Certification International Alliance.  In 2011, Biofeedback Certification International Alliance – Australia Inc. (BCIA-A) was first registered in Australia and a Committee was formed. 

The 2021 BCIA-A Executive Committee:

Chair                                    Alikki Russell

Immediate Past Chair             Michelle Aniftos            

Secretary                              Nia Barnes

Treasurer                              Annette Anderson

Public Officer                         Mirjana Askovic

Committee Member               Sejla Murdoch

Committee Member               Martha Mack


For all communications to the Executive and BCIA-A, please email bciaaustralia@gmail.com.


BCIA-A Neurofeedback Certification

BCIA-A is responsible for overseeing Neurofeedback Certification within Australia, in partnership with BCIA. BCIA-A will be responsible for ensuring that people applying for certification have prerequisite educational requirements and conform to approved ethical standards.  Standards for certification will be, at least, equivalent to those of BCIA within Australasia. Neurofeedback professionals will gain certification based on the same "Blueprint of Knowledge" developed by BCIA and will sit the normal BCIA exam. 

BCIA-A provides this introduction to certification.  Read more.....

To apply, please download the BCIA-A Neurofeedback Certification application form.

The following requirements must be met:

  1. Registered for independent practice as outlined in the BCIA-A guidelines.
  2. Didactic education covering the BCIA (or BCIA-A) “Blueprint of Knowledge” taken by a BCIA or BCIA-A accredited training program.
  3. Proof of a University-level human anatomy/physiology/human biology course or alternatively a course approved by BCIA-A.
  4. Proof of successful completion of a University level course in cognitive neuroscience/ psychophysiology/neuropsychology, or an alternative approved by BCIA-A.
  5. Receipt of mentoring on the application of clinical neurofeedback skills.
  6. Successful completion of the written certification exam on the “Blueprint of Knowledge” taken only using our special exam option with our online proctoring service. To start the special exam process:
    -  File your special exam form by sending it to info@bcia.org and we will tell you how to contact proctoring service to register for their services.   This service allows you to take your exam from anywhere, including your own computer.  All candidates must currently use this option. 
    - Pay your Special exams fees:  $25 payable to BCIA.  The online proctoring service will charge a separate $20 registration fee that provides a maximum of 3 hours of online exam security monitoring.

The first step is to file an application and appropriate documents including a filing fee with the BCIA-A Committee. BCIA-A will advise the applicant of any further requirements and when appropriate make arrangements for the written exam.

To apply for an application package, email bciaaustralia@gmail.com, providing full name and professional field (i.e., psychology, nursing, physiotherapy, dentistry, osteopathy, occupational therapy, chiropractic, social work, speech pathology and medicine).

BCIA Website & Practitioner Listing

BCIA-Australia is affiliated with the BCIA. We share a web presence at www.bcia.org.  There is a range of useful information and resources available via this site including access to courses and webinars relevant for maintaining your Certification status (BCN).  

As a certified practitioner, your details are also available in our Find a Practitioner facility. Please login to review and edit your details.  If you do not find your name in the list, it is possible that your Certification has lapsed. Unless you can make a case for special consideration, you will need to reapply for Neurofeedback Certification (form download above).

BCIA-A Recertification

For those who currently have BCN status, it is important to apply for BCN Recertification PRIOR to its expiry date.  Email if you need to confirm your BCN expiration date.  Toward recertification you will be required to:

  • Complete the Recertification Application Form and complete the Recertification Payment.  Use the drop down menu that shows the Australian Affiliate fee of $100 US to be used prior to June 30th.  The fees go up when you make your payment later in the year.

  • Complete 48 hours of blueprint relevant, accredited CE including 3 hours of Ethics training during the 4 years of your certification OR successfully complete the BCN examination (email to find out the date of the next Australian examination).


BCIA-A Approved Mentors

A number of Australian candidates have been applying for Neurofeedback Certification and require BCIA-A approved mentors in order to meet certification requirements.  All BCN practitioners who are providing mentoring or who intend to provide mentoring must complete and submit the BCIA-A Mentoring Application and have paid the application fee of $100AUS to the BCIA-A account.   BSB: 033 326; Acct: 432 971; Ref: Surname Mentor  (Tax Invoice/Receipts will be issued). 

N.B. Only one payment is required to become an approved mentor, however BCIA-A requires you to submit a new Mentor Application for every candidate that you mentor.  

If you are not currently providing mentoring but you are willing for BCIA-A to recommend your services, just write “Available to Provide Services” in the Name of BCN Candidate field of the Mentoring Application form.


Committee Meetings

Our executive committee meets quarterly so if you have any items that you would like us to address, please email bciaaustralia@gmail.com.






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