BCIA Ethics Requirement


There are many ways that you can satisfy this requirement:

  • Regionally-accredited university courses, either as part of earning your license or your advanced degree.
  • Accredited course work required to maintain your license.
  • BCIA Ethics articles
  • BCIA Webinars
  • Courses from the biofeedback membership organizations such as AAPB and ISNR may offer, either face-to-face at meetings or online.
  • BCIA-accredited distance-learning courses.
  • MOOC - Massive Open Online Courses

Regionally-Accredited Courses

You may take or may have taken course work in ethics or professional standards at a regionally-accredited college or university for a grade or pass/fail (but not audited).

Accredited course work that is required to maintain your license

Many licensed professionals are required to complete ethics course work to maintain your credential.  Typically these courses are accredited by the national body of your profession such as the AMA, APA, APTA, etc.  No matter the discipline, these courses may and should be used to fulfill this requirement for recertification.

BCIA Ethics Articles
These articles are posted on our website and are free downloads.  In order to receive CE credits for recertification, you must purchase and complete the associated exam.  Each one costs $15 and is worth 1 hour of CE toward recertification.  We highly recommend these articles: Infection Risk Mitigation by Dave Hagedorn, PhD, BCN and the exam covering the BCIA Professional Standards and Ethical Principles.  Selecting one additional article will complete this requirement for $45.

BCIA Webinars

BCIA offers online distance learning webinars that are 1.5 hours in length and have been taught by Don Moss, PhD, BCB, BCN. If you purchase 2 of these, that will fulfill the ethics requirement for $80.  We recommend that you pick the most current which are 2020-04 and 2020-05.  Our goal is to provide new ethics webinars each year that will include updated information that may reflect changes in the field.

International or Regional Membership Organizations
The Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (AAPB), the International Society for Neuroregulation and Research (ISNR) are the 2 premier membership organizations.  Each one has annual meetings that typically offer ethics course work.  You may also contact any of the state or regional membership societies as they also offer meetings and additional learning opportunities.  Contact them to learn more about what they may offer in this area.

BCIA-Accredited Distance Education Programs
The courses below were built with the behavioral clinician in mind and the material is geared toward what one needs to know to successfully ethics as related to our field.

MOOC - Massive Open Online Courses
MOOCs are free, online courses offered by many well-recognized universities. While the material is offered by the university, there is no college credit; they are offered to enhance one's knowledge base in a specific topic.  Please check to see that you will be provided with some proof of completion.  This link will provide a comprehensive list of courses. 



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