HRV Biofeedback Certification

Certification in HRV Biofeedback is for those with a health care degree in fields such as psychology, medicine, counseling, or nursing and in optimal performance such as sport or exercise physiology.  Degrees must be earned at a regionally accredited academic institution in accordance with BCIA's policies and procedures.  This brochure provides further information on the full list of acceptable degrees as well as international requirements.  For those without an appropriate educational background and who may not be ready for a full certification, BCIA offers an HRV Certificate of Completion.

All international certificants must carry a valid health care license or other government-issued credential.

Entry Level Certification

Entry Level Certification (ELC) is designed for the health care or optimal performance professional who has less than 5 years of experience using HRV Biofeedback with patients/clients. 

Certification by Prior Experience

Certification by Prior Experience (CPE) is designed for the licensed health care professional who can document extensive education, training, and at least 5 years of clinical experience using biofeedback with patients/clients.  More information coming shortly.....

  • Overview of Requirements - Certification at a Glance
  • Filing an Application
  • Validation Exam - COVID-19 Update:  All exams must be proctored using our online proctoring service that allows you to take your exam on your own computer in your office or at home.  You must follow all of the regular procedures - filing your application, paying all fees, filing the special exam form showing us the date you selected.  Once this is all in place, we will connect you with the online proctoring service.  This process will also save you money!

HRV Certificate of Completion
BCIA also offers a HRV Certificate of Completion program.  This program is appropriate for non-health care professionals, others who cannot meet the full certification requirements, or perhaps are new to our field and wish to start more slowly.  Those who earn the certificate will NOT be listed on the Find a Practitioner area of the website. Please refer to this chart to view the differences.

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