Neurofeedback Validation Exam

Validation Exam for CPE Candidates in Neurofeedback

The exam may be taken at any time after approval of your application; however, we recommend it as the last requirement in the certification process. The examination is offered in English only and is based on the Blueprint of Knowledge Statements. The exam consists of 100 multiple-choice items sourced from the Core Reading List.  The number of exam items from a blueprint area correspond to the number of hours in that rubric; the smaller the rubric, the fewer questions will be in the exam from that content area.  For more information, please refer to Neurofeedback Exam 101

You must complete the exam; however, because you are considered to be an expert, we are not asking you to take the exam with an anticipated passing score.  You are considered a validator and we are using your expertise to validate current and new exam items.

  •  The validation exam may be taken using ONLY the special exam option which works with an online proctoring service using cameras and artificial intelligence to monitor exam security.
  • Please select the date you wish to test and submit the special exam form to  Staff will connect you with the online proctoring service.
  •  Special exam fees: $25 for online testing software.  Please use this link to pay online.
  •  A Core Reading List is provided to aid in preparation for the exam and to reinforce the learning of the science, history, and theory of neurofeedback.
  • For more information on how to make arrangements for a special exam, please refer to Special Exam 101.
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