Overview of Requirements - Certification at a Glance

Overview of HRV Biofeedback Certification by Prior Experience
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Overview of Requirements - Certification at a Glance

This opportunity is reserved for a select group of licensed health care professionals who can demonstrate extensive education and experience in biofeedback and have served as leaders through their various contributions to the field. We recognize that these professionals have gone beyond the basics and should be expected to fulfill requirements that exceed our traditional entry-level certification process.

Applications for BCIA Certification in Biofeedback by Prior Experience are only for those who can demonstrate all of the following:

  • License/Credential for independent practice - A current license, issued by the state/region in which you practice, is required and must be from one of the following clinical health care fields: psychology; medicine; dentistry; nursing (RN); physical, respiratory, recreational, and occupational therapy; social work; counseling; rehabilitation; chiropractic; dental hygiene; physician's assistant; speech pathology; or sports medicine.  It is up to each professional to understand how HRV biofeedback may be legally included as part of their professional work.
  • Accredited post-professional education - A minimum of 100 hours is required with courses that completely cover the 16-hours of the BCIA HRV Biofeedback Blueprint of Knowledge statements, taken by a BCIA-accredited training program. Additionally, this work must include either the 42-hour biofeedback didactic or the 36-hour didactic course. The remaining CE hours may be completed by taking courses at an accredited continuing education venue related to any blueprint area(s). We require that the majority of these hours be within the past 10 years. Accredited continuing education refers to: courses taken from regionally-accredited academic institutions, courses accredited by the national body of a BCIA-accepted health care profession (e.g., APA, AMA), or workshops given at the following recognized organization’s annual meetings: AAPB, BFE, ANSA, and ISNR.
  • Statement of Clinical Practice - 2,000 patient hours over at least 5 years - This requirement is to document relevant experience over at least 5 years using HRV Biofeedback to treat pre-diagnosed medical o psychological disorders.  This experience must be substantiated by your written statement of clinical practice and two letters of recommendation that support the summary of your work. Please refer to the samples of a written statement of practice and recommendation letter.  It is required that the majority of this work be done within the past 10 years.  Your statement of clinical practice should include:  timeframe using HRV biofeedback in your practice, the diagnoses/symptoms you treat or performance goals, setting (private hospital, etc.), and the approximate number of patient/clients in that time frame.   
  • Human anatomy/physiology or Neuroanatomy coursework or other submission that demonstrates formally learning the relation and function of bodily systems or brain function used in your specific HRV biofeedback applications.
  •  Mentoring with another professional for at least 15 contact hours that demonstrates a formal guidance in learning the application of clinical skills.  This was to be accomplished when you were first learning to add this modality to your clinical work.
  • Essential Skills List
  • Validation Exam must be completed once your application has been accepted and approved.  There is no expected pass score.  We will use the information gathered on a "per item" basis to provide psychometric data.  You will need to take this exam through our special exam process using our online proctoring service.


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