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BCIA-Spain offers certification in Neurofeedback for both entry-level and advanced Neurofeedback practitioners.  An affiliation with Spain   (BCIA-S) has been established for certification of health professionals in Spain who practice Neurofeedback within the health care framework of their country. A group of psychologists with advanced neurofeedback training and experience formed a membership organization called the Sociedad Espanola de Bio y Neurofeedback (SEBINE).  The mission is to promote information, communication, and cooperation among its members and with the rest of the scientific world.  SEBINE has one of the largest international memberships and offers many educational  programs including a BCIA-accredited neurofeedback didactic course.  BCIA-S will take on the role of translating certification materials and guiding new clinicians through the certification process until they are ready to take their exam. We look to them to advise and promote our certification programs, upholding scientific and professional rigor as it works within the current health care framework in Spain.

November 21 - 24, 2019 - The Sociedad Espanola bio y Neurofeedback (SEBINE) will offer a BCIA Neurofeedback Didactic Workshop in MadridThis course will cover the full didactic training to cover the BCIA Blueprint in Neurofeedback.  

Note:  Individuals pursuing certification may take this course as proof of the didactic requirement or any other course from these lists.  This 36-hour course does not fulfill the Neuroanatomy requirement.  Please review Neuroanatomy course requirements from this link.  Anyone currently interested in BCIA certification must submit their application to both BCIA-S and to BCIA at info@bcia.org.  Please read this information as it shows all of the requirements for certification.

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