HRVB Certification At a Glance

HRV Biofeedback Certification at a Glance
Please be sure to read this information carefully and consider the expense of each item and exactly how you will be able to document completion.  This will assure that you have accurately evaluated all costs and time commitments as well as the feasibility of adding HRV Biofeedback to your practice.

This brochure will provide a quick review of the certification program or for more detail, scroll down.

Candidates must demonstrate the completion of these three requirements and the written exam.  Should you believe you have completed a requirement in a legitimate way different than described below, you may request a special review to look for equivalency.

1.  Human Anatomy/Physiology or a Neuroanatomy/Physiological Psychology Course

  • Candidates with a background in Biofeedback:  A comprehensive course in human anatomy, human physiology, or human biology covering the organization of the human body and all 11 systems, taken from a regionally-accredited academic institution is required. 
  • Candidates with a background in Neurofeedback:  A biological/physiological psychology or a neuroanatomy/neuroscience course from a regionally-accredited academic institution is required.

Candidates should complete a course that best supports their biofeedback practice.

2.  Didactic Education

3.  Mentoring - Practical Skills Training

The candidate is to work with a BCIA-approved mentor for 10 contact hours to review:

  • 10 sessions of personal HRV biofeedback training, demonstrating self-regulation,
  • 20 sessions of patient/client treatment, using HRV biofeedback,     including BVP or ECG training and respirometer (respiratory biofeedback) training.  
  • Discussion of five case studies.

Each session is to be a minimum of 20 minutes.  More than 1 mentor  may be used.  Please  carefully review the HRVB Mentoring Guidelines.

Essential Skills List - This is a checklist to be completed by your mentor and submitted along with documentation of the 10 contact hours as described above.

Filing an Application
Applications must be on file and approved prior to considering the exam.

Certification Exam
Applications must be on file and approved prior to considering the exam.


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