HRVB Certification Exam

Written Certification Exam

COVID-19 Update:  All exams must be proctored using our online proctoring service that allows you to take your exam on your own computer in your office or at home.  You must follow all of the regular procedures - filing your application, paying all fees, filing the special exam form showing us the date you selected.  Once this is all in place, we will connect you with the online proctoring service.  This process will also save you money!

The exam may be taken at any time after approval of your application and payment of all fees; however, we recommend it as the last requirement in the certification process. Applications must be on file and approved prior to considering the exam. Fees include:

  • $150 filing fee which must be paid at the time the application is submitted.  The filing fee will be reduced to $50 if an applicant can document current enrollment in an advanced degree program at a regionally-accredited academic institution in a BCIA-approved health care field. 
  • $275 certification fee prior to seating for the exam.  If this is your second BCIA certification (in addition to either BCIA Biofeedback, Neurofeedback or PMDB), the filing fee is the same, but certification fee is reduced to $75).

All fees are non-refundable and must be in US funds and paid by check, money order, or credit card. 

Language:  The examination is offered in English only and is based on the Blueprint of Knowledge Statements.

Exam Construction:  The exam consists of approximately 100 multiple-choice items with only one correct answer. sourced from the Core Reading List.  No penalty for guessing.The number of exam items from a blueprint area correspond to the number of hours in that rubric; the smaller the rubric, the fewer questions will be in the exam from that content area.  There is a 3-hour time limit for the exam.  For more information, please refer to HRV Biofeedback Exam 101

How Much Time Will It Take?  There is a 3-hour time limit for the exam. If you need more time due to identified special needs or English is not your first language, please write to BCIA to request consideration.

How to Study:  Please use the Core Reading List is provided to aid in preparation for the exam and to reinforce the learning of the science, history, and theory of HRV biofeedback.

Where can I Take the Exam?

  • Currently, the written certification exam may be taken only using our special exam option with our online proctoring service - ExamRoomAI.
  • To start the special exam process
    -  File your special exam form and we will tell you how to contact proctoring service to register for their services.   This service allows you to take your exam from anywhere, including your own computer.  All candidates must currently use this option.
    - Pay your Special exams fees:  $25 payable to BCIA.  ExamRoomAI will charge a separate $20.
  • For more information on how to make arrangements for a special exam, please refer to Special Exam 101.

Special needs:  Should you need additional time or special accommodation due to language or other circumstance, please contact the office at

Exam Security:  Upon confirmation of observed cheating behavior, the candidate will be disqualified. The disqualified candidate will be so notified and the respective score(s) disregarded. Readmission for examination will be considered after a period of two years when the candidate will have to reapply, pay all fees, and acceptance will be contingent upon review of credentials and requirements using criteria for admission applicable at the time of review.  The exam must be administered by BCIA-approved staff or proctoring service.


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