Become A Mentor

The process of mentoring involves a relationship between a mentor and candidate that promotes the development of skills, knowledge, responsibility, and ethical standards in the practice of biofeedback.

Mentoring may begin when the candidate can demonstrate some basic competence with equipment and is only the time spent reviewing the actual work as outlined by BCIA.  Primarily working on equipment issues or technical support is not mentoring and should not be included. 

A technician is not allowed to supervise or mentor other applicants.

Prior to submitting your application all mentoring candidates must complete the Mentoring Refresher Webinar and Exam. Biofeedback, neurofeedback and HRV mentoring applicants CLICK HERE to view webinar and complete exam.  PMDB mentoring applicants CLICK HERE to view webinar and complete exam.

BCIA has adopted Mentoring Guidelines to provide a framework for this process. These guidelines include contact hours to be spent with a mentor to review personal training, case studies, and patient/client sessions. Both the mentor and the BCIA biofeedback certification candidate should be familiar with these guidelines.

Biofeedback Mentoring Handbook

Neurofeedback Mentoring Handbook

PMDB Mentoring Handbook

HRV Mentoring Handbook