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Mindfulness-Based Biofeedback®: A Compassionate Approach to Optimal Health
Sunday, February 27, 2022 to Thursday, March 03, 2022
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Sedona, AZ  
Presented by Dr. Urszula Klich and Aimee Copeland



 1. Explore the physical and psychological benefits of mindfulness meditation and their treatment implications.

2. Articulate the efficacy of practicing mindfulness-based approaches as it relates to symptom reduction for several disorders, including anxiety and chronic pain.

3. Integrate mindfulness and compassion-based interventions in session to improve clinical outcomes.

4. Assess nervous system reactivity in clients with an individualized stress test to inform clinical treatment interventions.

5. Analyze biofeedback treatment and provide examples of biofeedback modalities that are amenable to practical use by clients and in session.

6. Perform a clinical assessment to inform the clinician’s choice of the best combination of mindfulness and biofeedback modalities for symptom management.

7. Explain how mindfulness-based biofeedback treatment works to alleviate psychophysiological symptoms that occur because of acute and chronic stress.

8. Integrate biofeedback with complementary relaxation techniques to improve clinical outcomes.

9. Develop a mindfulness-based biofeedback treatment plan to alleviate symptoms of stress, pain, anxiety, PTSD, and depression in clients.

10. Utilize respiration and thermal biofeedback modalities in session to teach clients self-regulation skills and stress management.

11. Integrate biofeedback and self-regulation exercises, such as compassionate bodily awareness, in session, to improve client level of functioning.

12. Utilize clinical strategies to adapt mindfulness-based biofeedback to treat various client populations, such as children and military personnel. 


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*All proceeds of this program will go toward funding workshop retreats with a focus on enabling inclusivity for those with a disability.